CCTV (closed circuit television) is one of the most effective ways to improve your operational efficiency, deter crime, and control what is happening on your premises at single or multiple locations.

Video security is more than just running a cable and installing a camera!

We offer advanced surveillance technology tailored to suit your exact requirement. Using data analytics we design and deliver intelligent systems that can quickly retrieve footage or activate on specific events.  

SSL will use the right equipment with the right software, to give you intelligent video surveillance, and complete visibility into your operations.

Why Integrate?

Successful integration will fundamentally change the way you do business. Most systems used in the business world today have a single purpose and function, and do not complement each other. These systems are stars in their own right, but act as individuals, when they should be members of a team.

SSL’s goal is to take disparate systems and combine them into a single solution, that will deliver superior outcomes in user experience, customer service, health and safety, operations and … security!

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