Access Control

An Access Control system enables you to manage and protect sensitive areas, by controlling the ability of people to gain entry. You determine who moves when and where, thus allowing you to create a secure environment.

Accessibility is through the use of programmed access cards or tags. If they are lost or stolen they can be cancelled at any time, or reissued if necessary. No need to stress about lost keys! You are able to continuously maintain both the physical security of your premises and the integrity of your network.

Access Control systems can trace all movements and provide information as to time and attendance.  

We will design and install the right solution for you – stand alone or network based, with unlimited doors, on site or remote, with full integration into other facility management and human resource systems.

Why Integrate?

Successful integration will fundamentally change the way you do business. Most systems used in the business world today have a single purpose and function, and do not complement each other. These systems are stars in their own right, but act as individuals, when they should be members of a team.

SSL’s goal is to take disparate systems and combine them into a single solution, that will deliver superior outcomes in user experience, customer service, health and safety, operations and … security!

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