Support and Maintenance

Your electronic security or care system needs to be maintained to ensure it is functioning properly, and will activate as intended, when an incident occurs.

The software behind the hardware is invisible, so when alarms are sent, or images are recorded you can’t necessarily see it happening. When security and care of employees or residents is your responsibility you need to ensure that all the elements of your system are working.

SSL keeps detailed records on sites – anything from where a CCTV camera is located to how the Emergency Call system is configured for operation. Precise knowledge of a site can greatly assist in prompt rectification of issues, which is important when security or levels of care have been compromised.

Service Agreements

We strongly recommend that you have a Service Agreement for your facility. These can be tailored to suit your budget, adjusted for the type of equipment covered, the frequency of checks and the response time. Hardware and software needs regular review, and rectification if there are any issues. Checks by your own staff can be integrated into the maintenance of your system.

SSL offers Service Agreements designed to suit, and once agreed, we become fully committed to your site and we give you priority should any issues occur, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There is also the added bonus of a significant reduction in charges for ad hoc fault resolution!

A critical component is to provide you with feedback on the system, so that if upgrades are necessary, you can plan for improvement, rather than just respond impulsively when something goes wrong.

We offer you peace of mind, and the confidence of knowing that your system is operating properly.

Non Urgent Support Request

For urgent support and maintenance issues please call us on our 24/7 toll free number 0800 367 775.