Design and Installation

Good design is critical to the proper functioning of your system. SSL takes care to ensure we understand what you want to achieve, and we provide professional input based on our years of experience.

Whether it is Access Control, CCTV, Nurse Call, Intercoms, Alarm Systems or Data Analytics, SSL keep abreast of technology so that we can offer you exactly the right solution fit.

Enhancements and upgrades are carefully thought out to ensure we can successfully integrate new technologies that will deliver you superior performance.

When you decide to proceed, proper planning is crucial. A key element is to identify the key stakeholders and understand the roles they perform. Regular communication in a professional manner must be maintained.

New Facilities

Installations in new buildings always means working closely with project managers from construction companies. From an early stage we must understand their plan, and confirm our assumptions by regular attendance at site meetings.

Construction timelines can vary wildly from day to day, depending on the availability of product and skilled resources, and SSL has the flexibility to meet any challenge. Working harmoniously with other skilled trades will also result in a faster implementation.

Working under pressure, while not ceding quality, is crucial to delivering a great outcome.


Challenging, but when done well extremely rewarding for our clients. Enhancing an existing system through the integration of new technologies can increase its life considerably, enabling you to benefit from new developments in electronic security, without having to replace your whole system.

Upgrading normally means installing new hardware and software on live sites, occupied by people who are going about their everyday work. This requires strong project management for uninterrupted protection of your premises, within as short a time frame as possible.

SSL has a formidable record of integrating old sites with new, ensuring this is done in an orderly and professional way, with skilled technicians, to deliver you long term benefits.