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Security together: Plan B's multisite security upgrade.

The background

The Plan B Group has an absolute focus on providing enterprise-grade Cloud Hosting, Data Centres, Networks and Business Continuity services, so that their clients can focus on their real work; building a better business.


The situation

As to be expected with such a critical service provider, Plan B’s security is of the highest importance, as is ensuring their security platform is stable and up to date.  


Plan B’s sites all (bar one) utilised a security platform that was coming to end-of-life, and their existing provider was unable to support the latest version of software. “Our existing provider had done a great job, but we needed a partner that could support us more broadly.” Notes Rhys McPherson, Systems Engineering Team Leader, Plan B.


“Our existing provider had done a great job, but we needed a partner that could support us more broadly.”


Plan B’s requirements were complex and varied. Rhys explains, “We had a number of issues we needed to address; we had multiple sites connecting to a single server for control, but it was incapable of managing all the sites as a single unit. This meant only one person could manage the system at any one time. We couldn’t allow non-admin staff access to the server and the software was too complex to be able to be used by first-line support staff. There were no individual accounts, no consistent processes, no central configuration (each system was its own isolated entity) and one of our sites used a different brand of alarm system.”


The solution

With these issues in mind the Plan B team went on the hunt for a new provider and were recommended SSL (part of the Optic Security Group) due to their knowledge and experience. Over a number of months SSL proved their worth to Plan B through a cost-effective site audit and exceptional response times. From there Plan B requested them to scope and quote the upgrade. “We engaged with SSL because of the recommendation we were given, their proximity to our head office and the size of their organisation. They also filled us with a good level of confidence.”

Thanks to the SSL team’s understanding of Plan B’s business needs and their deep experience, their proposed solution and roll out plan was on point. “Due to their remote locations, high uptime requirements and level of security we recommended a modern software platform in combination with the upgraded control panels. It provides a way for end users and site operators to manage their multiple site facilities and security systems from just one interface. It also integrates with a number of third-party alarm, video and access control systems meaning their previous investments could be fully utilised.” Explains Devon Alai, Business Development Manager, SSL.


As the project unfolded the SSL and Plan B team redesigned the internal network, the ‘odd-one-out’ site was completely replaced with a new alarm system. Finally, as the software and security hardware was updated, SSL migrated all sites to one server folding in one site at a time to the nationwide system to ensure site security and external monitoring was maintained 24/7.

The results

Despite two sites proving to have very complex security requirements, the project went smoothly with great results. Thanks to this project, Plan B’s team can now monitor and control safety and security of staff, manage visitors, and ensure the security of physical assets across multiple sites and remote locations.


“We now have a modern system, with the ability to have multiple software clients connecting at the same time and a holistic view of the security system nationwide. There is a consistent look and feel allowing for standardised processes. Ultimately the first-line support functions can be moved to a more appropriate internal department now.”


“Thanks to the implementation we now have a modern system, with the ability to have multiple software clients connecting at the same time and a holistic view of the security system nationwide. Essentially, the new system from SSL has made everything simpler, faster and easier.”



“We have found the software to be very flexible, intuitive and quick to configure to our requirements.  We use the mapping feature a lot and enjoy the ability to control individual security elements (doors etc.) from a central point.”


“Thanks to the implementation, we save time by only having to configure single users and push them automatically to each panel and we can set the access levels in one place and use inheritance to propagate them. Also, because the implementation can be accessed easily our “on call” engineers can deal with security events much faster. The new system has essentially made everything simpler and easier.”


About Optic Security Group

In response to an ever-evolving and increasingly complex world, we merged six leading security organisations (Fortlock, Comsmart, Bemac, STS, Circuit Systems and SSL ) across Australia and New Zealand to help businesses safe guard their people, information and technology. 
We provide corporate, enterprise and government customers with in-depth technical and industry expertise to tackle all emerging security challenges. Our six business units contribute complementary industry intelligence and geographic reach ensuring our customers have the deepest solution capability.
Optic Security Group employs over 200 people across 18 different locations in New Zealand and Australia serving and meeting the needs of close to 1,000 customers.

Optic Security Group is the largest independent and most technically advanced physical, IT and information security group in Australia and New Zealand. Optic Security Group brings unparalleled resource capability serving the needs of over 1000 customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, helping to protect people, assets, information and infrastructure from internal and external threats.

About SSL

SSL is an integrator of intelligent security solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs, and then design, install and maintain systems that are critical to your business.